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Visual Poetry: Vrää

An experimental short inspired by an old folk tale and the lyrics of an even older Udmurt wedding song. Shot and edited in 1 day in Sänna, Estonia, during the 5th Finno-Ugric-Film-Festival (FUFF).

Credits: - Aleksei Ivanov (The Sick King) - Ksenia Voronchikhina (The Girl With The Wild Strawberries) - Carlos Lesmes (The Bird Man) - Otto Eskelinen (Music)

Thanks to: - Szabolcs Hajdu - Edina Csüllög - Estonian Cultural Endowement - Hungarian Institute Tallinn - Estonian Film Institute - Fenno-Ugria - Kindreds Peoples Program - SUFF ( Finno-Ugric Film Foundation) - Sänna Kultuurimõis - Kadi Noor ja Hendrik Noor

Shot on a Sony a7sII, Audio: Zoom H6

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Sep 08, 2021

This was llovely to read

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